PHP Development

The Masters

Stay on the forefront by taking up the appropriate Internet technologies with Sprink Digital’s team of professionals consisting of seasoned project managers, designers, and senior PHP Developers who diligently work to deliver interactive websites capable of refining our client’s business activities. As a PHP development company, our team’s efforts are directed towards the practices that involve superior solutions most compatible with your business needs.

PHP Development Offerings

  • Custom Web Development including ecommerce platform, CRM solutions, custom web applications
  • Rapid PHP Application Development using latest PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Symfony, YII, Laravel, and CakePHP
  • Mobile Responsive Web Development
  • API Development and integrating them with legacy applications and other technologies platforms like ASP.NET, Python/Django etc
  • Web Backend Development for Mobile Apps- CMS, client relationship management, business automation, ERP etc

Expand your Horizons

As PHP comes with a variety of libraries such as graphics, XML, encryption, syntax based on Perl and C, and, so forth; therefore, it is scalable to write codes, favorable from SEO perspective, create multiple web pages etc along with offering a high level of security and foiling any malicious activities. Our proficient developers in PHP and MySQL web development provide you the website or app based on your requirements that is safe, flexible and holds immense potential to traffic growth and lead generation.

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