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Influencer marketing operates because people influence people. Today, consumers prefer listening to each other over brands. Our experts approach influencer marketing services with a blend of market knowledge, research and social awareness. Making a human-centric approach, however, takes a team that understands the influencer landscape and how to leverage it for success.

Influencer marketing works because audiences today want to connect with people they admire and can relate to; and those influencers effectively mediate people's interaction with brands.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Strategy


Developing and executing influencer marketing strategies before launching a campaign to get coverage and track results to help you achieve your brand goals.

  • Comprehensive Brand Analysis
  • Key Influencers Identification
  • Campaign Creation
  • Campaign Reporting
Influencer Marketing Strategy  

Identify, Recruit and Outreach


Carefully explore and reach out to the potential influencers the right way who would like to align with your brand and marketing budget.

Identify Recruit Outreach  

Influencer Content Amplification


As an influencer marketing agency, we help your content gain maximum engagement and visibility, leading to higher probabilities of earning backlinks through the influencer's publishing domain.

  • Post Suggestions for Influencers
  • Distribution and Tracking of Content
  • Real-time Report Coverage
Influencer Content  

Influencer Analytics


As a full-service influencer marketing company, we track and measure the performance of your influencers in terms of traffic on your website, conversion rates and revenue so that you can alter your future tactics accordingly.

  • Influencer Database Management
  • Influencer Shortlist, Selection and Coordination
  • Live Influencer Reporting
Influencer Analytics  

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Influencer marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies. The reason for its approval stems from the fact that customers today are more informed than ever. Influencers are the one driving the marketing strategies.

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“Sprink Digital has played a pivotal role in the success of our digital marketing campaign. From the beginning of our partnership, their research, planning, and building relationship with the influencers for promoting our brand and products has been tremendous.”

David Logan