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Digital Marketing Trends for This Year and Ahead

What is
Digital Marketing?

With every passing year, more and more people are joining social media platforms to interact with not just near and dear ones but also for following their favorite brands- all remotely and in real-time. In the past few years, social media marketing has made great advances, transforming a mere fad into one of the most indispensable tools in marketing nowadays.

Almost all social media sites have made public targeting more precise. With new features on numerous social media platforms to increasing need for a unique content, many new trends are emerging in the digital marketing world, hence, it is becoming important to be updated with latest digital marketing trends.

Putting the Customer First

While making any sort of marketing campaigns or plans, always start with understanding customers' demand, so that you know where to start from first. Digital channels give an eccentric opportunity for brands to engage their audience via new content formats and channels. Social media engagement is a popular method of strengthening interaction and affinity between a brand and its consumer.

While optimizing, you need to ensure that you have the data in order to do this. Not only that, but you also need to be able to understand how the data you have affects the decisions you make.

With there being many ways of improving customer experience, it is no wonder that it is seen by marketers as a good opportunity.


With online buyers getting smarter, personalized approach in your marketing should be to target them with personalized content like messages, offers, and recommendations. Visitors’ data is the right way of delivering appropriate content, relying on specific criteria like behavioral, demographic, or geographic attributes, combined with highly targeted CTAs that will convert them effectively. For example, asking visitors to authorize their locations once on the site, offerings will become geo-targeted and accurate.


Chatbots help brands in improving customer service while keeping a lid on budgets and are proactive than humans in providing data related queries. They have humor and personalities and offer personalized service to any customer anywhere anytime and can be easily integrated with an application, a website, and a social media platform. They also collect user information that can later be used to improve tailored marketing strategies.

Digital Experience (UX, Content, and Optimization)

Marketing is making people need things, and designing is all about making things that people demand. Design drives user experience. It was earlier in the trend to create mobile responsive website designs for the dominant use of smartphones. Future innovation of digital experience is in the areas of speed and personalization and conversational user interfaces.

Content Marketing

In the year 2019, creating persuasive content for digital experiences open exciting opportunities for business as a survey states that more than 28% of people choose this option, and the figure keeps on growing. Content marketing continues to be an essential factor in digital marketing. Having a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of a targeted market and being able to target that market more precisely is a rising trend in more effective marketing and surely helps in improving SEO performance.

Process-Based Optimization

Optimized mobile app or website is now at the core of mobile marketing. With so many contending applications available within Apple and Google Play store, app store optimization is now necessary for driving traffic to the application to take an action, especially for applications targeting a need not fulfilled by established brands.

User Experience (UX)

Customer satisfaction is vital for the growth of any business. Hence, it becomes necessary to build a good UX which not only boosts customer’s satisfaction but is an effective way to distinguish your product in the competitive market. UX is the crucial element in building relationships between you and your customers and a delightful user experience cures your brand advocates naturally and helps to get your brand name out there in the market.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is forcing organizations to change their business models and adapt to the new market policy. It is helpful in boosting focus on long and short term planning horizons. Companies should introduce digital technologies, analytics, and processes techniques as a part of this program. A 90-day optimization plan could be created to make changes to marketing across the customer lifecycle, which would encourage optimization and swiftness in planning.

How long do you think your organization has before your business begins to suffer financially or from competitive threats (market/mind share)?

Digital Transform Graph
  • Less than 6 months
  • 6 months to a year
  • 1-2 years
  • More than 2 years
  • We have already made significant inroads

Analytics and Reporting

Web analytics tools collect and report data on how people interact with the website. Businessmen should look at this point seriously because it makes smarter, more informed decisions about their marketing and web presence. This data can also be used to improve the UX, increase the rate at which consumers procure, or drive some other offline or online action. Systems like Google and Adobe Analytics are relatively static in terms of reports and functionality.

Marketing Technology

It is vital to be ahead of the curve when adopting trends especially when it comes to marketing technology. In today’s time, marketing methods are very adaptive to technological changes, innovations, and social media platforms are repetitively being utilized to full potential. You can witness this with robust display and Google Ads', Facebook, Instagram and other networks.

Programmatic Advertising

Even before programmatic ad procurement, digital ads which were expensive and unreliable were bought and sold by human ad buyers and sales people. Programmatic advertising technology promises to make the ad buying system efficient, and cheaper by removing humans from the process wherever possible since humans are fatigued easily whereas machines do not.

Predictive Analytics

This technology is well established and has specialist applications like evaluating credit risk and scam in financial services, but researchers state that its use in marketing will intensify as marketing automation services move to automated lead scoring and categorization based on algorithms instead of human-defined rules.

AI and Machine Learning

AI will be a game changer in the future, and which is why the Government of India has decided to setup a national center for artificial intelligence, presenting the Government’s vision to quicken the nation’s tech prowess. In the field of marketing, AI and machine learning will provide marketers the ability to deliver personalized messaging directly to customers. AI provides powerful insight into consumer behavior, resulting in precise audience targeting.

As a digital marketer, you need to re-think marketing from the ground up. If you do not stop building marketing methods from the traditional world, you will not comprehend the power of digital marketing.

In the upcoming years, the success of the digital marketing industry will be evaluated by getting the right data strategy and how you build up stronger partnerships with customers. By partnering with a data provider that has working relationships with numerous advertisers and publishers, marketers can ensure a win in 2019!

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